The company has established, repaired and developed a wide range of shooting ranges for various local and international companies and authorities.

We manage projects in a turnkey system without relying on any external companies. We have the experience of producing all shooting range equipment, whether with live ammunition, laser or fencing fields between groups, as well as the experience of engineering processing works.

The company implements the projects of open and closed shooting ranges completely. The company designs shooting sports clubs, implements operation, maintenance and development projects for all open and closed fields, conducts training courses for the operating staff and provides maintenance services for all sectors.

We prepare studies for projects in terms of project size, choose between open or closed shooting ranges, choose the type of shooting equipment appropriate to the nature of the trainees’ uses, as well as choose the type of training programs, determine the appropriate types of protections for equipment and the site, prepare executive engineering drawings for civil works accompanying the project, implement All civil works, supplying, installing and operating equipment, holding training and qualification courses for trainers, providing post-delivery services such as repairing, maintaining and supplying spare parts.