The world has now become a small village in which advanced companies can prove their capabilities quickly and even become able to spread internationally faster than in previous decades to achieve success in various fields.

We at MAKNOON have drawn a clear path through a carefully studied strategy to contribute to the growth of the digital renaissance in the Middle East, working to satisfy our customers and meet their needs locally and globally, through the hands of our qualified and distinguished competencies.

We believe that innovation has no limits, and that the mind of the innovator is a rich mine of ideas, and that the passion for excellence and leadership is an obsession that always pushes us to fly to new heights that no one has reached.

When the client chooses us to participate in the completion of any work; He ensures that all our capabilities, experiences and expertise will be harnessed to serve him, and that his partnership with us will shorten a lot of time and effort to reach his aspirations.

MAKNOON has established itself as a leading international company working in the manufacture of software, mobile applications, websites, media and security systems, manufacturing and construction of electronic and analog closed and open shooting ranges, providing technical and tactical consultancy and training on electronic and simulation shooting range systems, simulators, installation and creation of specialized civil and military programs and electronic warfare. .

Maknoon Company has sought from the beginning to become the leader in the Middle East in providing high value services to its customers, and this is what we hope to achieve in the coming days.

Chairman of Board of Directors
Mr. AL Sayed Mohammed Al Shafei