The interactive shooting simulator features a variety of tasks and exercises designed to achieve advanced levels of shooting and training on how to deal with stationary and moving targets.

This is done by presenting a variety of scenarios between climatic, environmental and combative conditions, as well as by defining the number of goals to be achieved in addition to the type of tasks to be implemented.

The most important features of the archery simulator:

  • The possibility of training up to 6 trainees on one screen, in addition to the possibility of multiple screens.
  • Group training ability.
  • The imitation system is uncomplicated.
  • A complete set of military weapons with reactive feature and without “Tetherless” cables.
  • High quality videos.
  • Realistic sounds to simulate the sounds of real battle or close combat.
  • A diverse library of a large number of scenarios and movies.

Production, supply and installation of archery simulators, including:

A- Simulated shooting of small arms with live ammunition and lasers, including reaction representation, and training packages for basic, responsive, tactical and counter-terrorism training programs using computers, servers, networks, infrared or laser surveillance cameras, in addition to evaluation and analysis of results.

B – Simulators of war matches, which depend on two teams inside two separate rooms, each of which sees the image of the other on the screen. Shooting takes place and responding to events through computers, servers, networks, and infrared or laser monitoring cameras, in addition to evaluating and analyzing the results.

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Interactive Laser Shooting Simulator