MAKNOON Company enables you to own a website with an easy-to-use control panel through which you can update it constantly without referring to people or companies. The website control panel also enables you to create an infinite number of sections and an infinite number of administrative pages.

The streamlined shape of your website makes you proud and loved as one of your children, and gives your feelings of happiness while using it, while making the eyes of your visitors dance and sparkle while using it.

From the work of MAKNOON company in the field of creating websites:
1- Confederation of African Volleyball
2- Egyptian Badminton Federation
3- The General Club of the Suez Canal Authority
4- JICA Japanese University Project
5- Belmasry
6- Al-Ahly Stadium
7- Zamalek News
8- Bedon Reqaba
9- Al-Gomhoria newspaper
10- Al-Rai newspaper
11- Al-Watan newspaper
12- The new Suez Canal
13- Egy News, National Council for Women
14- Egypt News
15- Citizen News
16- Bedon Reqaba
17- City Guide
18- Country Girls (Banat Elbalad)
19- Ismailia Online
20- Suez Online
21- Ahl El Qur’an
22- The Qur’an Discover
23- Offers for you
24- Strange News
25- Jokes Website (Khod Andak)
26- Mega Market
27- Lingerie Marketplace
28- The General Authority for the Conservation of the Red Sea
29- Ismailia Shop
30- Imperial Group
31- Gallery First
32- Abu Al-Majd Gallery
33- Canal Laboratory for Medical Analysis
34- Al Mahgoub for Aluminum
35- Vero Footwear
36- Mido Studios
37- Ismailia for the manufacture and export of fish
38- International for armored doors
39- Ibn Al-Hathim Optics
40- Meen Adak
41- Q Kitchen Design
42- Football Player Ahmed El-Gamal
43- Perfect Net
44- IMG
45- Areej Mining
46- Horses for cars rental
47- El Hawi for cars
48- Kora Spy
49- Ismaili 24
50- Abu Al-Saoud Group of Companies
51- M Shooting
52- GM Trontech
53- Misr Electronics
54- Fatimia Electric
55- Zanket Elsettat
56- El-Adawy Group Barbican Power of Attorney
57- M M Pharmacy
58- ZasSoft
59- Iegweb
60- Watanyia

Domain and hosting

Joining MAKNOON’s hosting plans provides you peace of mind and a guarantee of superior quality after-sales services.


MAKNOON TEAM One of its mainstays is a wonderful group of artist engineers who always produce for the world paintings that no one disagrees with.

MAKNOON’s diverse designs express you and a great system revolving around it, realizing that success criteria cannot be compromised and cannot be compromised.

• Designing a website. • Logo design. • Designing posters and advertisements. • Designing small brochures, books and magazines. • Designing catalogs, flyers and brochures.
• Designs for free gifts (magazines – CD covers – bags – pens – T-shirts and others).