An aspiring international development company working in the field of software manufacturing, mobile phone applications, websites, media, security systems, and the establishment of closed and open electronic shooting ranges and shooting simulators.
MAKNOON provides technical and tactical consultancy and training on shooting range systems and simulators.
It installs and creates specialized civil, military, and electronic warfare programs.
Maknoon is also involved in direct selling, e-marketing, advertising, tourism, aviation and eyewear.
From the beginning, MAKNOON has sought to become the leader in the Middle East in providing high value services to its customers who see the Internet as an essential and integral part of their lives and their business and business plans.
MAKNOON was established in 2005 to provide a wide range of web content services locally and globally including news services, sports, city guide, classified ads, online purchasing, women and children care.
MAKNOON company relies on a team of the most skilled engineers, programmers, designers and technicians who are trained to quickly complete tasks and quickly know, understand and analyze customers’ desires to provide them with the best services.
MAKNOON Company is sure that success depends on finding the best solutions based on high quality and deep thinking, and this is what made the company reliable in Egypt and several countries.
The Internet and the information technology revolution made MAKNOON company invest all its energy in the search for well-qualified individuals to deal with diverse data, the Internet and mobile applications and keep pace with the daily technological development.